Wednesday 19 March 2008


A cup of 5 in 1 elcafe Premix Instant Coffee and pancakes with tuna mayonnaise spread are not a bad treat for morning breakfast at all. I had these myself yesterday morning to kill the hunger in me. Usually I would opt for mee or meehoon and yesterday I thought well why not make some pancakes for a change since the kids and Clet have been asking for some, furthermore, I could send some for my father too (he is fond of pancake too..). I only use egg, multi purpose flour, water and sugar for my recipe, is simple and economical, yes, economical is the word. Though the pancakes do not look too delicious in the picture (can blame on the bad table setting & presentation) but mind you, Clet had 4 pieces and asked me why I only made that miserable few pieces of pancake.

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