Sunday 9 March 2008


Those who care about the outcome of today’s general election would either stick in front of the TV set or radio to get the “first hand” results. Cletus is no exceptional; he is updating each and every result on the newspaper's General Election pages using multi colour text liners to indicate different winning parties. I would pop out to the living room once in while to get some updates from him and pop in back to the bedroom to accompany the girls, they feel a bit neglected by the daddy tonight though …:( only for tonight, girls… Luckily the Barbie’s Princess and the Pauper video CD is on to entertain them so that I could update my Blog a little.
It already well after midnight, Cletus is still patiently waiting for the election’s results. A copy of tomorrow’s newspaper will give a full coverage on the elections anyway kan!! Well guess nothing can compare the thrill of getting the results from the television screen. Don't think he is gonna sleep tonight...!!??

Election Commission of Malaysia

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