Monday 31 March 2008


The Sacred Heart Cathedral Parish, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is cordially inviting members of the church to attend a twice weekly talks on "the Love and Tenderness of The Good Shepherd" as follows:
Commencement date : 31st march, 2008
Days : every Monday and Thursday
Time : 7:30pm
Venue : Conference Room (above Blessed Sacrement Chapel)
At some stage of our lives we do experience some what down and out moments, some feel wounded or broken in life and don't seem to go anywhere no matter how much we try with our own strength and do not know where to turn to. Do you know it is the brokenness that we most often realize our helplessness without God? Without him and without doing his will, we ultimately end up lost and broken.

Have you heard about the ancient shepherd tended to the wounded sheep whose front legs were broken by him to avoid it to wander and lead the rest of the flock astray? He would then carry that sheep on his shoulder until the legs healed. During that process it created a strong bond between them. Jesus too will lovingly carry us through and heal our wounds in the same way like the ancient shepherd.

Many of our Parish have experienced this action of grace and come to realize that God has the power to take the most broken life and mend it for his glory. Many are looking for this experience in the midst of their own suffering. Let a team of catechists who has had a measure of this experience share with you so that you too may see peace and joy in your life.

Pass this invitation to whom you think may want to come and listen to the talks.

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