Saturday 15 March 2008


It's beautiful!! Isn't it?? This pot of light purple exotic beauty was transferred from the orchid's shade to the laundry area by Cletus where he can enjoy its beauty closely and easily (guess what, for that I knocked my head to the pot twice when I was doing the laundry and requested him to move its position at bit).

Do you know that these exotic beauties comprise the largest family of flowering plants on earth, with over 30,000 different species, and at least 200,000 hybrids?? Orchids have been characterized as finicky plants that need greenhouses or other specialized care. We do find some orchids are easily grown and bloom with minimal care just like this one. If I could remember, Cletus only water them once in a while and this one turns out to be such a beauty.
One of the reasons I like about orchids is their long lasting characteristics. They bloom happily for weeks. It is the most sought after flower for making corsages for special occasions too. For those who love to grow orchids would find many useful informations from the website nowadays, here are two for your reading pleasure, and

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