Sunday 10 October 2010

2nd day of DRP (Detoxification & Rejuvenation Program)

The 2nd day into my Detoxification & Rejuvenation Program (DRP) yesterday, We went for a badminton session in the morning to sweat out. I hardly spare time to do any exercises for a long time, have been busy with work, home chaos and other activities as excuses for that matter.

On the first day of my detox program, I had my blood sugar tested at home, the reading was 6, it is on the high side considering I haven't even taken my breakfast yet, I only had my cleansing drink (1 tablespoon each of Apple cider vinegar, honey and herbal cleanse powder) prior before that. Imagine my sugar level could be much higher after breakfast at normal days which I usually have meehoon, noodles, bread or cakes, and have one or two packets of 3 in 1 drinks during the day.

I am on purely vegetable and fruits diet in this program, hopefully this will bring my blood sugar down to the ideal level. Though I am on a special diet, my family meals are not neglected, I still cook normal meal for them and I bring my own steamed vegetable with me when we go out for meals so they are not affected in any way.

Steamed fish and
meat, potatoes and carrots for my family
steamed potatoes, carrot and vegetable for me
and have bananas in between meals

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