Saturday 23 October 2010

My Saturday Morning

I usually do all the laundry on Saturdays, loading round after round of laundry into the washing machine, hand washing some of the delicate clothing and brush my girls' school shoes, none stop of hanging them for drying, sometimes I am short of space to hang all the wet clothing in a day. After few rounds of washing and hanging clothes usually up to nearly mid day, I get very exhausted.

Last week I told myself that I do not want to spend my time on doing the laundry on Saturday anymore, I made a point to spread the laundry over the week days during the night. Over 3 -4 times a week I managed clear the laundry, it's a big relief for me. I took the opportunity to clear the shoes cabinet where I found a few pairs of Pearl's shoes. They are still in good condition but much to small for Pearl to fit in anymore. I washed all them up so that I can give them away to my niece or my office mate who has a 2 year old daughter.

Shoes to give away
but have to clean them up first

Half way doing the cleaning up, the sky becoming cloudy looks like going to rain, how am I going to dry all these shoes? But the rain did not come visit which I thought it would because there was wind to blow the dark clouds away. The weather is more soothing without the bright hot sun.

I also cooked a pot of papaya porridge for lunch as I know my girls would prefer to relax at home watching their VCDs, playing with their toys and games while Clet worked on his farm. They had porridge with favourite salted eggs and canned tuna.
They came telling me that they had finished their porridge but want more salted egg, yes only salted eggs :(
I had my spaghetti which I have kept it frozen weeks ago.

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