Thursday 14 October 2010

Castor Oil Plants

This is not my chili nor bitter gout shoots which I planted last week. They are not growing at all. :(. Guess I haven't got a green finger to do any planting. Some believe that those who born in the months of January to June generally have very good green fingers, whatever they plant will sure grow and bear fruits. I am born in December sure no luck in planting.

Back to the Castor Oil plants. Clet planted them a week ago for a trial (ideally it should be planted straight to the ground) . The plants are growing fast after some rain showers these few days. In order for them to keep growing, they have to be transplanted to the ground which I am sure Clet is eager to do that by this week itself.

Castor Oil seeds can be harvested in just 4 months, that is a huge plus over oil palm.

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