Sunday 10 October 2010

Trying to grow vegetable

I bought this bitter gourd seeds together with some chili seeds many months ago. Since Clet is very much into Castor farming now, he always brings our girls to check on the progress of his plot of young Castor trees, we did some watering on the young Castor plants last Sunday too. Some way some how under such an influence, Crystal wanted to grow her own plant too. It is thrilled to see the seeds we sowed having new shoots after a few day.

We planted some chili seeds in the pot last week till now there isn't any new shoots coming out apart from wild grass, Crystal thought those are the new chili shoots. :) Will keep checking on them who knows there are shoots coming out soon!

I am trying my luck on these bitter gourd seeds which is expiring in 2011 same as the chili seeds. This time I planted them on the ground instead of in the pots.
While digging the soil, I dug out several of this root from the ground, at first I thought is onion, later than I realised they are the roots for the lily plants which Clet cleared them off together with the wild grass.
One of the bitter gourd seed ready to be planted. Hope it will grow to give us some bitter gourds (one of my favourite vegetable).

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