Tuesday 26 October 2010

Borrowing books from Library

School exams is over for Crystal & Pearl. They are allowed to start borrowing books from the library again. We returned the last batch of books very late that I have to pay for RM5++ fine for the books that I borrowed, luckily there is no late penalty charges for children's books.

altogether we borrowed up to 21 books this time, 5 of them are mine on the right (as usual I looked for health and food kind of books).
Among 16 of the children's books that my girls have picked only 1 in Chinese, others are in English. I always remind Crystal to read more Chinese and BM to further enhance these 2 languages. She happily told me that she had borrowed one this time. It was Pearl who picked it, wonder they actually read it or just want to please me....:D

these are the 5 books I got this time, so far I only read a few pages of the good carbs vs Bad carbs, hard to find time to read.


  1. Good that the local libraries in Sabah have a good collection of chinese books, they do have these in Sandakan library. We can't find any at our libraries here in KL, have to resort to book rental shops or bookstores.

  2. I love to read too but don't always have the time to finish reading a book


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