Friday 15 October 2010

Almost done

Just a little update on my Detox program.

Today is the 7th day into the program also the last day, is an achievement I must say to myself. It takes a certain degree of will power, self determination, and supports from my love ones for me to complete this program.

During the whole program, the hardest challenge that I experienced was on the 6th day, that's yesterday, I felt the craving for a nice meal is at the strongest after 6 days without the usual solid meals. Making thing worst was knowing that my colleagues went for a Tom Yam lunch treat which is one of my all time favourite food. My mum boiled a nice pot of pickled vegetable soup for dinner which really made me drooling while I was only feeding myself with a bowl of tasteless soft boiled mixed vegetable (should have steamed to retain the taste instead of boiling them. I was starving couldn't wait to eat.) Later at night SIL brought in banana fritters and black forest cake for us, my girls whacked the banana fritters and I have to abstain from eating any, the cake is now frozen in the fridge.

To open fast tonite, I am cooking some multi-grain porridge in the slow cooker as dinner, prefer taking soft food for a start and slowly adjust back to normal meal.

At this point in time, I am very much craving for something salty.......

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