Sunday 7 November 2010

Castor Oil Trees are Flowering

Barely over 2 months old, the Castor Oil Trees that Clet planted have started to occur flowers.

He brought back these photos of the Castor Oil Trees after he went for a check on them yesterday morning. I can feel a great sense of motivation from Clet that the little seeds that he planted have grown from little seedlings to occur flowers now.
The flowers are in dense terminal clusters, with female flowers just above the male flowers. The pollination occurs when the bright red feathery branches receive pollen from the male flowers, there are no petals and each female flower consists of a little spiny ovary which later develops into the fruit or seed capsule. So we expect to harvest the seeds in 4 months time.

The seeds have high contain of Oil but it is not edible, it is mainly for the production of jet fuel, interested in Castor Oil Tree farming/plantation? Hop over to Borneo Castor Farming for more information.

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