Wednesday 24 November 2010

Cotton sponge cake

This is the most successful cotton sponge cake I have ever made. The cake came out just like cotton - fluffy, spongy, and moist. I applied the steam and bake method (waterbath) as mentioned in the methods of making this cake. The texture is more or less the same like the Japanese cotton sponge cake or Castella Cake, but only better. It is much more simpler to make in comparison.


  1. Agnes, now i know you are so wonderful, full time working with 2 preschoolers, and still able to bake and cook. Thumbs up!

  2. Hey Agnes,

    Good morning, i don't really like cakes but sponge cake is the exception, love it.may be it is because of its sponginess. guess what? i love to eat it with a cup of hot hot coffee o, this to me is heavenly.

    have a great day ya

  3. silap lah.. i come here eating only a bun n reading this.. makes my bun tastes like rock! :D

  4. I know the cakes taste good by just looking at your photos! :)
    I love cotton cakes!

  5. Sheoh Yan, it's tough to find time to bake, cook and wash, luckily the method of making this cake is not as time consuming.

    Hi Eugene, Sponge cake is more versatile among the rest but not easy to get the right texture too..I am glad i found this recipe.

    Merryn, hahaha..sorry, make you bun taste like rock, this cotton cake is real soft and fluffy la, :DD


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