Saturday 20 November 2010

A weekend away from home

Today is the start of school holiday. The new school term will start on 3rd January 2011. It is gonna be a long break for the children. Our girl has been having very hectic schedule during school terms, one exam after another, we have to send her for tuition every school day afternoon to catch up with the demanding school works, both we as parents and our girl feel the pressure off our shoulder when the school holidays start and longing for a short break away from home.

Some parents have already booked their flight tickets months before to have vacations overseas. My brother in law and his family will be off to Shanghai next week.

As for us, I only left with 3 days annual leave from the office and have to watch our budget too. The only choice for us is to have a weekend escape, we have chosen to go to the nearby Kasih Sayang Health Health Resort which is only 40 minutes drive from the City of Kota Kinabalu. It is located on Kokol Hill, the fringe of the Crocker Range, with the altitude of 2400 feet above sea level and greenery all around. The view of Kota Kinabalu city can clearly be seen from the restaurant balcony, the cool breeze comes naturally and the sunset scene is just breathe taking. The resort is facing the Majestic Mount Kinabalu where the rooms are facing.

There are only 16 rooms, 4 deluxe and 12 standard. It is an ideal venue for health retreat, company meeting, annual dinner, family outing or a place for relaxation away from the hectic city. The temperature is cool at night, colder and misty on rainy days.

I have been there for work assignment and our company’s annual dinner, had wanted to bring my family there for the food and short stay. 2 years ago I was luckily enough to be the lucky winner for a 2 nights stay at the resort, a deluxe room for 2 with breakfast. I will be utilising it for a night stay and save the other night for next time. Suppose to go with SILs but they have got family affairs to attend to, it would have been nice to have them with us. Will talk more about it when we come back from our trip with photos.


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