Sunday 14 November 2010

A Sunday at home

We stayed at home the whole day on last Sunday. Did not go out to even for our usual badminton session because Clet decided to skip it for he is not feeling too well after visiting his farm in the morning.

While juggling between house chaos and preparing meals, I had the inspiration to write quite a lengthy article about "21 ways to make extra money", this article is published on both Triond and wikinut, these are the two online publishing sites that allow their members to earn passive royalty income for the articles they have submitted. I have been earning from Triond for more than a year now, even for the months I did not submit any articles at all, I still earn something.

I have just joined wikinut a week ago for it is a UK base company, I was fascinated to know that wikinut allows its member to earn in sterling pound, yes!! it is in British Sterling Pound, the conversion is 5X of Ringgit, it is hard to find such an opportunity......

Our girls prefer to spend time at home as well. After a whole 5 days of staying in the school for Pearl and tuition for Crystal, I could imagine how comfortable it is to be at home enjoying computer games and drawing among other stuff that they like to do at home.

Crystal with her Facebook & princess games
Pearl spent her time on water colouring while Crystal was busy with her computer games, she assembled her colouring tools and wore a waist herself to prevent getting her T-shirt dirty (must wear a waist, it is an order by her Daddy) before her colouring session. She cleaned up the table as well after she finished colouring, good girl!!
Meals was simple for the lazy Sunday afternoon, they have no complain having pancake for lunch and afternoon tea, I prepared plain pancake for our girls, and green tea or matcha pancake for us.
With the leftovers of the strained carrot and pumpkin from the juices, I used them to make carrot and pumpkin pancakes as well, Clet said it's taste good, can sell. Seriously, the carrot and pumpkin pancakes taste real good.

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  1. Pumpkin pancakes looked so yummy. I always love pumpkin and also pancake.


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