Wednesday 17 November 2010

On Hari Raya Haji holiday

At 6am, awaken by a coughing sound from my baby Pearl who was sleeping next to me. She was down to fever and cough on Monday. After having a couple doses of doctor's medication, the fever has gone away, leaving her with cough and cold sweat the whole day yesterday, she had to change her T-shirts 3 times cos her sweat wet her shirts. Since she had no fever, we stopped all her medication because she looked pale and weak probably because the medicine is a bit strong for her.

With my mum advise to feed her with herbs soup to get rid of the cold sweat, I went to the nearby shop to buy the necessary ingredients and breakfast, most of the shops are closed because of Hari Raya Haji, luckily the Chinese wet market is on business like usual.

bought some economy breakfast, not much choice from the Chinese store, the other shops have more choices are all closed.
The most important thing is I got what I wanted to buy, i.e. lean pork for the herbs soup and Pear for longan drink.

Mum reminded me that whenever our kids happened to have cold sweat that means they are weak especially after taking medication, drinking herbs "pei kei tong sam" cooked with lean pork will help strengthen their body.

herb soup with lean pork, managed to feed Pearl a bowl of this soup with rice for lunch

Dried longan and pear juice is another remedy for phlegmy cough, this is the recipe given by SIL many years ago. I cooked this for Pearl as well to soothe her irritating phlegmy cough. Though by having these soups will not heal her cough immediately but I do believe these will help to boost up her immune system thus help her to recover speedily.

Get well soon my Baby Pearl!

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