Friday 26 November 2010

Dentist Appointment for Pearl

After having complains about tooth ache since the beginning of September, we brought Pearl to few dentist just to get opinions whether it is advisable to extract her molar tooth at the age of 5. The best is to save the tooth as much as possible, at the end we decided to seal and save it till she is older to extract it.

It was fine and no complaint of tooth ache until last week, she complained the same tooth ache again. The dentist prescribed her with a dose of antibiotic and painkiller, she advised to get her molar extracted. We have been letting her know that her tooth will be extracted just to get her ready for it.

We had made an appointment to bring her to extract her tooth today. I was damned worry for the whole week. Judging from the previous tooth filing experience, she refused and cried the longest and loudest, vomited at dentist room. That's only filing. Extracting tooth is a whole different thing.

I have been praying for the smooth extraction of her molar tooth today.


  1. In fact, visiting dental at younger age is a good exposure and experience that should be encouraged.

  2. Hope things are fine!
    Visiting the dentist is the most scary thing for me =_=

  3. Good to take the kids for regular dental check from young. I had very bad experience on my first dental visit and a thought of the sight makes me shudder. Haiz..

  4. Hi Yan, Hayley, Inspired Momx1,

    It was a very stressful experience, glad that it's done and get over with.


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