Tuesday 24 June 2008

1 Borneo on Sunday

After church, BIL, Edward, suggested that we bring the kids to 1 Borneo which he had been for 3 times so far. I was reluctant to go there at first because of the distance, and the sorrounding dust as part of the area still under construction, since clet wanting to go there and have a look all this while, so I followed suit. We walked around the mall, met some friends who were also spending time at the newest mall in the city. To my observation, I would say the mall is very similar to PJ Mid Valley; there are some more photos of the 1 Borneo Hypermall taken by Wong whom went there a couple of weeks ago. The kids had a very fun time at the amusement centre, jumping about in the huge bouncing balloons which they have seen so much in the TV, now they have got the chance to experience it themselves. The eateries there were fully occupied during lunch time; at last we settled at Kenny Rogers Roasters to have our lunch; Crystal found her new favourite, that is the macaroni cheese, BIL ordered two more bowls of that because Edson also love it very much. I ate the last bit after the two of them had enough of it. At least we have been to 1 Borneo which everyone been talking about. 1 Borneo is quite a distance from where we live, considering the fuel hike recently, we would rather shop at the shopping mall nearer to us.

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  1. agnes,
    i think the kids love the amusement centre, but yeah when considering the distance..adui better shop at the nearest as u sd too :-)


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