Wednesday 18 June 2008

A visit to the clinic

Pearl has been suffering from a bad cough for almost two weeks now. She doesn't cough as often as you may think but whenever she coughs, there is like a big chunk of stubborn mucus stuck in her throat and causes her to vomit especially after drinking milk. That's the only way for her to get the mucus out which is good in a way. We have get a plastic bag ready just in case she vomits. We have been treating her cough with the previous medicine she got from the clinic but it did not help. Just a day before, she got an infection on her right eye as well, so here we are to pay a visit to her doctor. Both of our girls do not mind going there, you know why? See the set up, kids are very attracted to it; the kids can play toys, read books and watch children programme while waiting for their turn. Pearl was very cooperative when doctor check on her yesterday mainly because the doctor has been very kind to the kids. Hope she will get well with the prescriptions or else we will have to pay another visit again after a week.

The clinic reception area
The playing or waiting area for kids
The medicine for Pearl. It's a big challenge to get her to consume her medicine. It costs RM138.00 for the visit. Not cheap.

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