Wednesday 11 June 2008

Is that true??

Most of you must have seen this plant before or even have one or more pots place inside the house as indoor plants. They are feng shui plants according to many. They are easy grown greenery without much care. I had four pots of them in front of my house until a few days ago one of my friends told me that there was an article in one of the local Chinese newspaper saying that these plants are actually producing certain toxin at night which is detrimental to human body. O..O..I have not seen the article myself. Is that true? Anyone knows about it? Please share. But better to believe than sorry, we decided to move all four pots of these plants to the side of the house, since they are said to be harmful to our body and they do not seem to bring any good luck or fortune to us as far as I can remember :( The position has been replaced with another plant with fan like leaves.

These plants are said to produce certain toxin, is that true???

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