Friday 13 June 2008

Maintain healthy heart with good laughs

“Laughter is the best medicine”. Have you heard of this old saying? It definitely appears to be true after many studies conducted by various centers around the world. Laughter is linked to healthy function of blood vessels which in turn help prevent heart disease. Therefore, besides regular exercises, have a balanced eating habits and healthy lifestyle, many would agree that laugh a few times in a day is highly recommended for a healthy heart.
Would you like to maintain a healthy heart? Let’s join me to have a good laugh at the RD Laughs Main at Reader’s Digest, you will find a huge library of jokes and anecdotes, humorous Stand-up Videos, hilarious cartoon galleries, funny photo contests, and many more. One of the funniest cartoons I found at is the chicken vs egg, it is really humorous and makes sense too, there are many more Funny Cartoons that I find very amusing in the collections. Take a look for yourselves! You could also share your jokes and funny true stories with us at and stand a chance to win $100.00, how nice!!
To ease the stress in this highly pressured and ever demanding society, it would be a good idea to join Jokes RSS feeds so you will not miss out any good laughs and not forgetting to sign up the Laughs newsletter to get a dose of "funny" every week. Don’t keep this to yourself, share it with your family, relatives and friends so that they could also enjoy what has to offer. So laugh loud and laugh often with to a healthy you.

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  1. hey agnes, you are still eligible for the contest on my other blog... just add my links using the information from my bloggers list and you will be automatically entered to win that spot. :)


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