Monday 2 June 2008


Eversince I started printing some colouring pages out from the web for Crystal to practice colouring during her school holiday, she had soon discovered more interesting stuff in the web than only colouring pages. She was so excited to learn so much fun stuff that she took over my computer spending hours and hours surfing around Disney Playhouse webpages and other similar webpages, playing games and online colouring; skipping her nap times as a result. She looked pretty exhausted after that which I strongly think it would not be healthy for her if this practice were to continue. So I decided to limit her computer time to only one hour a day after the second day. In order to show to her that I am serious in setting a limit and keeping my promise, I have to make sure that the one hour of computer time is all hers and I will be there to guide her whenever she needs me.
By setting a limit will benefit her in such a way that she will not be deprived from attaining computer knowledge and also in a healthy manner. She is glad and happy with the arrangement so far. At the same time, she has also learned to read the time on the bottom left corner to mark her allocated computer time when is due to stop.

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