Sunday 29 June 2008

No No to Vitamin

After taking a week of the doctor's prescriptions from our last visit to the clinic, Pearl did not seem to get any better; she still having sinus and heavy phlegmy cough.  Estellar dropped by our home the day after she arrived from Australia, after having a look at the prescriptions that Pearl has been taking, she recommended Polaramine syrup for Pearl for a change.  There saw some improvement after the 3rd dosage but she still having wet nose and cough, hope she will get better soon.  Thanks a lot, Estellar.  

I headed to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of Polaramine the other day and I remember SIL, Catherine was giving her little daughter, Anneliese, the Vidaylin Minibear gummies with garden vegetables vitamin and she likes it very much, keep coming back for more.   The Minibear gummies is packed with 5 garden vegetables and Vitamin C that provides a good source of important antioxidant nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta carotene, calcium, iron & zinc for children who do not eat enough vegetables. I thought it would be a good supplement for my girls coz they refuse to take vegetables. The taste of the minibears gummies are yummy just like any other gummy candies that they love to eat but I was totally wrong, they rejected the minibears altogether, making me speechless.

I was thinking whether I should return the remaining to the shop and get my money back. Referring to the tag that comes together with the product, it says if we are not pleased with the "yummy" taste of the product after consuming 10% of content, we could return them and get my RM18.00 back. Should I go through the trouble in getting the reimbursment or consume all by myself?  Mostly likely I will do the later like what I have done for other stuff that I bought for them previously; it would be easier for me in a way and I also get to consume some vitamins at the same time.  *sigh* the girls are hard to predict, probably I should have told them that the minibear gummies are candies instead of vitamins.  

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