Friday 4 April 2008


Crystal was exceptionally hungry after school today and would like to have her favourite doughnut. We were thinking of dropping by Consfood to grab some doughnuts and sandwiches for her and Pearl to munch in the car so we could zoom home and let Clet send the car in for a check (our car heated up earlier on in the City, again). Since we have got a parking and thought it would be wise to let the car cool down a bit before proceed home considering the traffic congestion on the way home, so we decided to have our light lunch there instead. Like usual the girls were having so much noise in the bakery it attracted the attention of everyone there particularly a gentleman who later greeted us and asked whether Crystal likes to draw, he started conversation with Clet and gave a brief introduction of himself whom is a retiree aged 61, now teaching drawing at schools to pass time. From there on he started to show his sketches on how to draw birds, ducks, mouse, cat, bear, dogs, dinasours, hands, fingers, faces, etc..It catches the attention of the girls, especially Crystal who likes drawing very much. I posted some sketches here which he gave to the girls to bring home to practice. He offers to show more children drawing skills next week at the same place if we want to learn more skills too. BTW I forgot his name probably Clet might remember. Crystal started to follow the sketches at home later in the day. However, now then I realised she didn't get to eat much in Consfood. She got a free drawing session at noon but an upset stomach at night. Her stomach is so senstive that she vomitted and having mild fever after that. Hope she will get better tomorrow. My poor little princess...

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