Wednesday 23 April 2008


An accident happened at the junction in front of Public Bank, Lido at around 12.00 noon today. It is a terrible junction which I hated most. Some inconsiderate and irresponsible drivers always trying to make a turn straight from Public Bank, Lido outlet towards Merdeka Supermarket instead of making a U-turn near Taman Emas. We meet a lot of these kind of drivers almost everyday. I am really piss off with them. Can't they just follow the traffic rules. How much time can they save anyway?? Do they know their inconsiderate acts are fatal? I URGE all the drivers who have attempted or thinking of taking this short cut to be humane, please think of the lives of others not just your love ones.

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  1. Oh accident....ouch!

    Happy W W, mine's up...a love interest today. Hope you can stop by.


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