Saturday 26 April 2008


Crystal's first flower arrangement, not bad at all :D

On Thursday, we sent Pearl to her baby sitter anticipating that we are going to have a busy day arranging and delivering 3 orders of condolence flower arrangements ordered by a friend to be sent on 3pm the day itself. Crystal felt so bored and restless being alone at home that she was all over my messy work place for a while picking up some flowers from the table and on the floor, little that I knew what she was up to (so long as she doesn't disturb me or play with the cutter). Not long after that she was proudly showing her flower arrangement and trying to find ribbons to decorate it. Finally she found the princesses' cellotape that I had been keeping in my tool's box. This is her first piece of flower arrangement using a plastic tissue box as pot, and I must say I am amazed with her talent :)


  1. Creative Crystal! The flower she made looks really nice.

  2. Wow, she must got her mommy's talent!


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