Tuesday 8 April 2008


Crystal sacrified her TV time last night to make a special birthday greeting to her Uncle Sonny whose birthday's today, 7th April 2008. She got to know about it from Aunty Neneng at her house when we dropped by to collect banana muffins yesterday afternoon. I guess at that point in time she already had in mind what present she's going to give to her uncle. In the evening, I noticed she was busy glueing papers and colouring while I was busy preparing dinner; She showed it to me after she had finished drawing them and asked for a favour to send the "present" to her uncle's house tomorrow.
This is a special birthday thoughts from little Crystal to her favourite Uncle Sonny, she did it all by herself :) As promised, we brought her to sent the "present" to her uncle's house today. So thoughtful isn't she..?? :))


  1. Told u before, i always admire Crystal's drawing. She indeed is a very thoughtful girl, guess that because she has a thoughful mummy also, right??

  2. Auwwww... so sweet and thoughtful of her....she has good drawing skills too :)

  3. suppose to send her for drawing class but budget tight and I am training her to tidy up after her drawing sessions hope she will improve on this..


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