Friday 11 April 2008


We brought Pearl along to the Inland Revenue office that day, after a while she lost her patience while Clet was still waiting to meet the officer on tax matters. Thought she might be hungry so I brought her to the café to see what we can have for breakfast . She would like to have mee but it is too spicy for her so I opted for a local cake which she reluctantly having some. She saw the ice cream freezer and insisted on the Kit Kat drumstick merely attracted by its bright red colour packaging but after opening it she refused to have a bite probably disgusted with its dark chocolate colour so I had the whole drumstick myself. I felt lucky because we got a cap with 7 digits code on it so I kept it to see what I can do later because Pearl just wouldn’t want to sit still. I took a look at the cap today and guess what?? the claim for free airtime had already expired on 26 December 2007 :( now then I recalled no wonder the ice cream tasted one kind and it could have expired too.:0 I took some snapshots on the way back to the Inland Revenue Office at its small garden outside the cafe. The plants look healthy and consider well maintained. It took quite a while for Clet to meet the officers there and Pearl kept herself occupied with the hot & cold water venting machines each at the ground floor and mezzanine level. She likes that idea of dispensing water by herself and drink it. She drank quite a lot of water as a result which was good for her. I just have to make sure she doesn’t over filled the little paper cups and also avoid her from dispensing hot water which could lead to burning her hands. Besides that she was having fun trying walking up and down the stairs without assistants. To avoid any falls I had to hold her hands walking with her. I lost count how many times we went up and down the stairs but it was a good exercise for me. Luckily Clet has done with the officer before Pearl gets bored with the machines and stair and gets real grumpy.

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