Sunday 20 April 2008


I was trying hard to get something of a 13 to match the theme for this week. About an hour of searching through photos in my collections, and trying to find some other ideas but to no avail, I took a break. While tidying up the toys that the girls left for the day and I found these loose puzzles on my working table and on the floor, they are just at the right number 13 (I'm sure there are some missing pieces around). This was a birthday present given to Crystal from SIL, Betty. I had been keeping it safely in the top drawer of a cabinet knowing that she is too little to appreciate it then. It is featuring one of the Disney character (I forgot which one and I am unable to fix it. The picture is black and white in colour). Recently she has found a new skill by stepping on a chair to reach out something higher. This set of puzzle is one of the treasures that she found among others that I had been keeping for her.


  1. Great idea for 13! I struggled to find something this week... funny how something so easy seems so hard LOL

  2. Great "thirteen" photo!
    Mine's up finally, HERE...

  3. Uh-oh. Hope you can find the missing pieces.

    Mine is here:

  4. Love and adore jigsaw puzzles! They are my stress relievers!

  5. Thirteen was a difficult theme. You did really well for a newbie espcially. Future themes will be a lot of fun. I already am ready for next week.


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