Monday 7 April 2008


We have been out and about after church the whole day today. Clet has to take some photos of the houses for auctioned this month so we took the opportunity to joy ride. We dropped by Lok Kawi Heights, Melinsung Summer Bay, Palm Beach Villa, Lok Kawi Zoo (didn't go in due to time constraint), and back to Eden Heights and Beverly Hills in the afternoon. The girls took their naps in the car on the way to Melinsung and they were all jolly after that with their sugus and bottles of water. Besides stopping by to have our breakfast and lunch, we were most of the time staying in the car waiting for Clet to have the photos shot. We had our lunch at a corner shop near Refflesia Specialist Centre (don't know exactly what that place called:?) After that we dropped by SIL's house to collect some freshly baked banana muffins and rush back home before the rain started pouring down. It's a joy riding & outing Sunday, the girls seems to enjoy it..;)
Crystal craving for Wat Tan Ho, this plate is good enough for 3 of us to share :)
An ordinary fried rice simply made delicious with salted fish added to it..:D
This is the name of the shop that we had our lunch
Freshly baked banana muffins by SIL.

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