Thursday 17 April 2008


Thirteen Things about what I did today....

I got to do all these since I stayed home the whole day today...

1. Get Crystal ready for school (basically just to get her water bottle and school bag ready since she had learnt to dress herself up with school uniform now which she is really pround of );

2. Fried a packet of mee udang with sausages and eggs for brunch (Pearl asked for it but she only ate the sausages, naughty!!). We had fried mee for lunch and Clet sent a portion of it mum and dad too.. :) ;

3. SMS and follow up call to my client to see any payment ready for collection for invoice long overdue. Only noticed that the invoice had not been passed to their Finance Department for processing of payment. Amount only RM176.80 how I wish the amount is bigger..:( ;

4. bathe the girls (they just love their bathing time where they could dip themselves in the water with toys around them..

5. Washed all the used floor towels and hanged them up for drying while the sun still smiling brightly in the afternoon. Didn't manage to get them all dry up due to rain in the late afternoon so they have to say hello and stay with the moon till the sun rise again :D ;

6. Took a nap with the girls. It's the only way to get them to rest in the afternoon;

7. Listed some items for sale on ebay;

8. Said a St.Jude Prayer (1st day).

9. Had afternoon tea with Clet and Pearl. Crystal just woke up from her nap did not feel like having anything. The sponge cake given by SIL just nice for afternoon tea (We had coffee actually). Thanks a lot!!

10. Cleaned up the kitchen floor;

11. Ready dinner for the night;

12. Cleaned up all the dishes and myself so I could start..

13. blogging while the girls enjoying their TV time...their favourite for the night is the Barbie Mariposa:)

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