Wednesday 9 April 2008


"Do you want a personalize header for your blog? The first 5 bloggers who leave their comment on this post gets a personalize header for free." Gosh.. I missed the chance of getting one given by Vhiel Romion-Vance on her blog at Anything and Everything In Between. It's so generous of her to offer this service for free, how I wish I could get one to add more colours and design to my blog. Probably next time if she ever has this kind of offer to us bloggers in the future!!


  1. You can totally make your own header graphics! Just get the program "GIMP" and spend an afternoon learning to make 'em. The cool thing about blogging is that you are creating your own stuff every day. Why not expand that to include art? Your only limitations are the ones you choose!

  2. Wah wat personalise header. I wan I wan. hahahaha


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