Friday 27 November 2015

Cheesy Egg Sandwich

A special request by my girls to their daddy to make this Cheesy Egg Sandwich for them. As you can see the cheese is literally melting and flowing after it is cut in halve.   No wonder my girls said they miss the sandwich that their daddy make for them.

I added slices of tomatoes to my serving, simply satisfying tea break with a cup of hot coffee.

gone in just a minute.  Not enough for me, will make more next time.

Check out the making of this Cheesy Egg Sandwich here :


  1. So cheesy. Must be melting in the mouth. Haha.

    Someday I would have this for breakfast when lazy to think of what to eat.

  2. Love melting cheese too, Agnes! It's a hot favourite in my family :D

  3. My kind of breakfast. Love the melting cheese. Have a lovely weekend!


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