Monday 23 November 2015

Our backyard resident

Our dog, Lucky, has been our backyard resident for the past 3 years.  Once in a while we will let him go to the front porch, he barks at every single dog at his sight, and starts barking at things that are not familiar to him.  Very alert yet annoyingly noisy to the neighbours.  He will free himself out from the gate whenever he gets the chance, then he will have no mercy looking for a fight with other dogs or rather other dogs want to fight with him, hurting himself for no reason, it is hard to stop the dogs when they are fighting.  For these reasons, it is best for him to be the guard dog at the backyard. 
Recently we cemented part of our backyard, probably he still has not used to the new flooring, he chose to sit in the flower pot like this, almost killing the poor plants in the pot if we hadn't moved the flower pot away.   We have found a girlfriend for him, hopefully they will not fight when they meet each other.  haaaaa....:DD


  1. Lucky looks so pitiful sitting on the flower pot. Ha ha..are you playing match making for Lucky? Have a wonderful day!

  2. Cute Lucky....i think he want to sit on the soil rather than on the cement.

    1. I think so, probably because the cement is hot, he knows how to take care of his bum..haaaa

  3. With a new girlfriend now, I am sure he will behave his gentlemanly best!

    Woof! Woof!

  4. Heh poor dog. Get him a bigger pot? :)

  5. Found this cute post while checking out your blog. Hope he's busy dating now. Hahaha! Have a great weekend, dear!


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