Sunday 15 November 2015

Goodies from Neighbour

It is indeed a blessing every time we receive goodies.
My neighbour just came back from her trip to Hong Kong a couple of days ago (& zoom she went off to KL with her children again the next day).  Before she went off to her next trip, she gave us some goodies she brought for us from Hong Kong.  We are so grateful for her thoughtfulness.
   I am not fond in almond stuff because I do not like the strong almond taste BUT these Almond cookies are exceptional.  Compact and very nutty, the almond blends well with the peanuts in these cookies.  Perfect for tea time snack. 
Individually packed, very hygienic. 
This is something new for our taste buds..have never seen this product before.  The Asolo Dolce Fogliette.  This must be an Italian products because there is an Italian Flag on the left corner on the packet.  
14 fingers of Fogliette, a light crispy puff pastry with sugar syrup on top 
the sweetness is just fine..this crispy pastry is a good snack where is my hot coffee...???? 


  1. The fogliette captured my eyes. Hehehe. A very good and thoughtful neighbour.

  2. I too love these cookies with piping hot coffee! Have a happy week ahead!

  3. I had this crispy puff pastry from HK before. It's damn good. Hahha

  4. same like you, i like almonds as they are but not really the by products because i do not like that "cough syrup" smell.. these almond cookies however are exception, they are actually nice!! i love them, haha~~

  5. I love almond cookies. Actually I love nuts and cookies so whatever that have both together is perfect for me :D

  6. Good Morning Agnes.
    I can imagine how tasty those cookies are! I am glad to read the Chinese character as a Japanese . Perfect cookie name 原粒杏仁餅!
    Happy days!

  7. It's always nice to have good neighbours. Lucky you, dear! xoxo

  8. That almond cookie, have to be careful not to talk when your mouth is full. :)


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