Wednesday 18 November 2015

UPSR Result 2015

UPSR result has finally out yesterday, it was also Primary 6 graduation day for my girl.  Not long after 10am during the ceremony, her form teacher informed her that she has scored 6As, she immediately made a sign language to her daddy whom seated far across the hall to inform him about her great achievement.

We did not know what to expect before that because she is only confident in securing 4As..Chinese is her weakest subject coupled with the difficulties of questions set for this year's exam, scoring As in both Chinese papers were not positive. She told me that the worst scenario would be 4As 3Cs.  We are very happy the she scored better than expected.  Well done my girl !!

It is a good news that her school produces the highest numbers of 7As in the state.  The best overall School Average Grades GPS of 1.90.  

Archbishop John Wong attended the graduation ceremony for the 1st time and it is a blessing that my girl received the certificate from him.  Hope she will achieve more good results her her senior years.
Photo taking for 7As & 6As students (30 scored 7As & 31 scored 6As)
We went for a dim sum lunch after the ceremony...


  1. Wow, Congrats to you and your girl. What school is this?

  2. Well done to your girl. Nice dim sum treat after the ceremony.

  3. Congratulations to your girl for her excellent result! What a joyful and happy celebration for the family!

  4. Congratulation to your girl. She must very happy.

  5. Congratulations to your girl!!! The lunch looks great. :)

  6. Congratulations to your girl. Excellent results. ^.^

  7. Congrats to her! And to you too! (For raising her well mah hehe)


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