Sunday 29 November 2015

Fruits ABC (Ais Batu Campur or Mixed Ice) Dessert

Tanjung Aru beach is popular for its beautiful sunset, it is a famous spot for the tourists & locals but we hardly go there.  I wish this area can be upgraded for the comfort of the visitors. 

We had this fruits ABC dessert at Tanjung Aru Beach 1, the stall is located inside the eateries.  This stall is operated by my brother's classmate.  We ordered the small cup (RM5.00) for 2 of us to share.     
ABC (Mixed Ice with syrup) at the bottom and fresh fruits filled to the brim, a good cup of dessert. 
I accidentally dropped the only piece of the kiwi, what a waste.   
I told my brother that it would be nicer if the fruits are served cold and the shaved ice is in fine texture and not hard like small pieces of rocks, so that he could convey a customer's comment to his classmate.  Anyhow, her business is very good.
 Many different type of fruits on display.  These are real fresh fruits, I was told that the stall operator take the fruits down when she closes her stall and rearrange the fruits before she starts her business each day..she has acquired the skills in arranging fruits like this over the years. 


  1. What an interesting post! ABC desert looks delicious and the display is pretty.The vegetable store looks like it has various tropical fruits!
    Have a good day!

  2. Hi Agnes, the ABC fruit dessert looks so slurpee-licious. But I would prefer it to be served in a bowl. Ha ha I think I would drop more than a kiwi trying to eat the dessert from that overflowing cup. I am quite clumsy ha ha..

  3. Looks yummy! This is something I can't resist, I always love icy stuff, desserts somemore~

  4. Yes, I'd prefer if the fruits are served cold too. So wasted that slice of kiwi. Wash lah with water and soak back inside. LoL.

  5. Love the innovative ABC name! So cute, dear! xoxo

  6. Never tried this before! Eh you could probably have picked up that slice of kiwi to eat... won't kill you. :p


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