Tuesday 10 November 2015

KFC Premium Dessert Tiramisu Cake

While my kids were having the usual KFC chicken and rice meal set, I tried something new in their menu which has been catching my eyes every time we dine at KFC restaurant.
 I have been wanting to try the KFC Tiramisu premium dessert since it was introduced in their menu.  The outer box packaging looks like this.
 chilled and tightly sealed in a cup
after the plastic seal was taken off 
the taste is nice but a bit try 
can't expect the texture to be as moist and as fresh as those home made and bakery sold Tiramisu, at least the taste did not let me down.  A cup of hot coffee would be well complemented with it.  If your feel like having a Tiramisu cake on the go, this could be the choice.


  1. Long time did not dine in KFC as no one in my family like the food. I tasted the fried chicken rice before.

    Hmm. The tiramisu did look hard.

  2. Hmm... maybe I could give this a go. I saw their premium dessert items on offer, but was never tempted to try. I mean, fast food tiramisu? That doesn't sound too enticing.

  3. That shows how long I have not been to KFC. Maybe one of these days I might pop in to buy some KFC before I forget how KFC tastes like..lol!

  4. And it will definitely not contain alcohol hehe.


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