Saturday 21 November 2015

Teacher Appreciation Party 谢师宴 2015

As a gesture of appreciation to their teachers for their guidance and teaching for the whole 6 long years, the primary 6 students hold a party for their teachers in school before the school term came to an end, the party was celebrated with over flowing of food and performances from each class.

Each student brought along one type of food for the potluck.  My girl chose to bring jelly or pudding. We supposed to make the jellies for her to bring to school, however, she requested that the texture of the jellies must be similar to the store bought ones that she likes, I have no confidence in meeting her we opted for the store bought ones to avoid disappointment.

This was what happened the night before the party.  Sisters joined hands opening up the jelly puddings and arranged nicely into the food containers.
The texture of these jelly pudding is very nice, soft and bouncy, not too sweet, 4 assorted colours and flavours.  Very presentable for parties.  Best serve chilled. 
We couldn't resist to pop a few into our mouths, luckily we bought extra or else it wouldn't be enough to bring to school..:DDD  


  1. Very lovely jellies. I wouldnt mind popping some into my mouth too

  2. Very nice, Agnes! You've wonderful kids :D

  3. I think if I pack, I will also pop some into my mouth too as I pack

  4. The colours are nice and tempting. I also love jellies.
    If I were you, I would make one round of jellies to test them before bringing to school as they are so easy to make from the ready-mixed ones.

  5. Cute jelly, did u have some extra for me?

  6. Pretty! Nice size and colours.


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