Wednesday 11 November 2015

Munchy's Lexus Crackers Biscuits

My colleague shared with me a packet of the Munchy's Lexus Cheese Cream crackers biscuits for me to munch after lunch.  It is really nice, I bought a big packet of it during my visit to the hypermarket a few days later.

I also bought the vegetable flavour immediately on my next visit to the hypermarket

I told my better half that I really like these crackers biscuits, he told me that there is a Chocolate one in the cabinet no one is eating it...I am not fond of chocolate and my girls are very selective on chocolate stuff too.. 
I like the colour of the packaging, it is my favourite purple.
There are 12 individually wrapped small packets in each big pack. 
Cheese cream is sandwiched in between 2 pieces of crackers, simply delicious 
6 pieces of vegetable flavoured crackers biscuits in a small packet 
I had a packet of each cheese cream and vegetable crackers biscuits with a cup of hot coffee to complete my after lunch munching... 
done..!! with satisfying tummy..but seriously I have to reduce my after lunch munching bad habit.. 

Disclaimer : This is not a paid post.  It is strictly my personal reviews after tasting the products that I bought from the supermarket.  All ideas and pictures are belong to me.


  1. I have had these before. They are quite good.

  2. WOW...yummy cheese cracker, nice with a cup of coffee.

  3. Guess these biscuits are relatively healthy. Compared to say, goreng pisang.


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