Thursday 19 November 2015

Dim Sum Lunch

Let me share with you our dim sum lunch (the pictures) that we had after our girl's graduation ceremony last Friday. 

We planned to have a simple meal near the school but we had problem finding a parking around there.  We just drove further to one of the the new shop houses along Jalan Donggongon and stumbled upon this restaurant.
My girl wanted to order meehoon soup, surprisingly they do not serve meehoon soup, only konlou mee is available..though the konlou mee looks good, but we ended up fill our table with dim sum dishes.
this radish cake is not as tasty as those I have tried before
Ham Rolls
Char Sau Pau
I like this Wu Kok, crispy on the outside but not dry
the prawns are of reasonable size in these har gow
Chicken feet

Siew mai is the must have item in any dim sum meal
My little girl ordered this porridge
smokey hot from the steamer

The total bill came up to RM59.20 (less than USD15.00).  Overall it was a good dim sum lunch, the portion that they serve are in reasonable size, the staff there are helpful.  We shall be their return customers to try out other stuff in their menu, hopefully they will serve meehoon soup by then. 


  1. Now I missed dim

    I love harkau and that yam puff.

  2. I enjoy dim sum because of the many varieties. My favourite is yam puff.

  3. Yummy! I like dim sums too ... but must have a few kakis to accompany me cos I like to order many varieties so I could enjoy every bits of them ^-^!

  4. I love to eat Dim Sum meals as they are tasty in small bites.
    The bill is cheap for the amount eaten. The ham roll is something new to me.

  5. Looks good but sometimes I find dim sum must order a lot then will feel full


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