Thursday 5 November 2015

Pottery In Telipok

After our walk about at the Tamu at Giant Kolombong last Sunday, we drove to the outskirt Telipok town to find some flower pots to transplant our overgrown palm tree and we also need pots for our desert roses that we bought at the Tamu. 

Choices of pots are more here and prices are cheaper as compare to down town.  I believe they do mass production in their own factory. 

variety of pots in different sizes
this pot is the right size for the dessert rose plant
they sell black soil and fertiliser too
while we were looking for the suitable pots, our girls prefer to sit inside the aircon room reading her novel and play game on the phone, confirmed they are not interested in gardening.
a big and healthy cactus
smaller sizes cactus for sell
a small nursery selling desert roses and other plants

They sell buns too ??? haaa...No they don't.  On our way home, we stopped by another outskirt town, Menggatal to have a drink, the buns in Menggatal is one of the famous in Sabah, the texture is soft & chewy. 


  1. The bun in front would be butter bun. Those 2 would be coconut buns??

    1. yes butter bun in front..1 coconut bun and 1 red bean bun at the back..

  2. Make me feel hungry when i see your bun....:(

    1. make me hungry too, I can eat 2 buns in one sitting my hot drinks..

  3. lovely pots.. are those ceramics? they remind me of those pots from my Aunt's house
    the plants are so cute too

  4. Haha would be a funny concept though, a shop selling
    pots, cactus and... buns! :P Xx
    Ice Pandora

  5. so many lovely pots. I would go crazy if am over there

  6. My office is inside the Industrial Hub which is surrounded by many nursery farms! I love the blooming flowers as they give me good feelings.

  7. Would NOT be a good idea to sell buns... desert roses are poisonous. After 'accident' happen hehe.


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